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Seeking Birders from underrepresented and marginalized communities to be featured in upcoming film

Updated: Oct 1, 2023


Warrior Dreamzz tackles pandemic's impact on nature in new film

Warrior Dreamzz® a premiere Eco-Cinema Production Agency tackles the pandemic and environmental justice is seeking birders from diverse groups for upcoming film


Norristown, Pa, August 4, 2023

Our team is documenting the phenomenon of awakening that occurred in natural world as a result of the global pandemic of 2020 and the ripple awakenings within the human community that occurred simultaneously. Shifting baselines are those slow, hard to notice changes in our daily existence. From the change in the cadence of birds, to the militarization of the police, 2020 forced the US into an awakening. As nature reclaimed space, birds were the first to provide the early indicators of this shift. This slowdown in human activity- what science calls "anthropause" heightened our collective awareness. Our film, Sounds of Silence explores this concept. We discuss the shifting baselines of the anthropause phase and how those power shifts continue into the next phases of the coronavirus pandemic. Our film journey begs the question who has the most a stake in this pandemic story? What is the social contract that humans have with nature and each other? In doing this we look at the structural conditions that undergird conceptions about people of color and our connection to the natural world.

Sounds of Silence is in pre-production. Our film will use a case study format and is looking for persons from under-represented communities who have deep interest in or connections with ornithology (birding), nature studies, environmentalism, conservation, or have taken part in recreational activities such birdwatching in any manner (alone, family, group, any setting) nature photography/video, nature bathing, etc. to feature in the upcoming film.

About Warrior Dreamzz® Productions

Formed in 2019, Warrior Dreamzz®is an emerging presence within Eco cinema film community. Standing at the intersection of environmentalism and advocacy, this international film agency has formed collaborations with visual creatives in the Netherlands, India and Canada to produce film content focusing on human connection and resilience through the lens of the natural world. We have produced work reflecting the importance themes of recovery, biodiversity and climate change. Our work conjoins classic film cinematography in a documentary film context.

Warrior Dreamzz® Productions LLC is a federally trademark registered, independent U.S. based full-service videography digital media and associated content agency that has created film content with talent in the US, Canada, India, and The Netherlands. Warrior Dreamzz® first foray into the eco cinema genre, Canopy of Wings (2020) became a multi-award-winning film capturing a best cinematography Award of Merit at Best of Shorts and best nature cinematography at the New York cinematography Film Festival along with a series of awards at the Nature Without Borders Film Festival including Best Cinematography, Best of Show and Best of Festival.

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